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Holiday Crafting Private Party

Our workshop will be overflowing with bows, holiday greens and floral, dried fruit and more as we help you get ready for the holidays by creating the perfect wreath to welcome your guests during this holiday season or our super cute knit snowman. Your craft choices include:

  • Traditional 18" evergreen wreath - simply add your choice of bows and accents to make it your own
  • Assymentrical - choose from a 12" or 18" metal hoop and add greenery and floral for a modern take on the holiday wreath
  • Birch wood - arrange cut rounds of birch wood into a wreath and adorn with a bow and accents for a rustic 18" holiday wreath
  • Chunky Wool Knit Wreath - We took the beautiful soft wool yarn that we use for our chunky blankets and created this beautiful 18' wreath that looks beautiful on its own or with a variety of accents and bow
  • Chunky Knit Snowman - hand knitting is easier than you thing. We will walk you through the steps to make this 18 inch snowman and you can finish with your choice of decorations.


Holiday Crafting Private Party

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