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Join us for this fun FREE online, interactive workshop where we will teach you the basics of watercolor and help you create two beautiful floral pieces.  Watercolor can be a fun and easy way to explore painting and create one of a kind art pieces for your home.  You do not need prior experience or artistic ability to participate in this workshop!  This online class will require you to have paints, brushes, and watercolor paper.   ( and a glass of wine never hurts :) 

Wine & Watercolor!

Discussion of the basic principles of watercolor


Workshop Overview:

Practice sessions that will help you master the application of watercolor and understanding layering.  


Creation of two floral pieces on a paper size of your choice. 


new watercolor.jpg


  • Watercolor paints  and Watercolor brushes (you can find a set of both of HERE )

  • Watercolor paper **Please note, you cannot use regular paper. It must be designated as suitable for watercolor.  We like this brand


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